UO Smart Beam Laser

UO Smart Beam Laser

UO Smart Beam Laser

  • FOCUS FREE: The UO Smart Beam’s advanced laser diode is focus-free; it stays sharp, every time.
  • WIRELESS: Connect wirelessly on many Android devices using Miracast, or connect your favorite smart phone, laptop, tablet PC or other mobile device using the built-in HDMI/MHL port.
  • Convenience: Small Sized and built-in battery and speaker, do not bring extra bag
  • CLASS 1 LASER: It’s the best Laser Pico projector among all Pico projectors because it the ONLY Pico projector with leading clarity of Class 1 laser, “safe for human eyes”.
  • HD: Be immersed into your favorite movie or TV show with native 720p HD resolution.

Are you tired of adjusting focus whenever you move you projector? Or are you tired of carrying it in a separate bag? There’s a solution for your hassell. UO Smart Beam Laser is the your answer. UO Smart Beam Laser equips LCOS technology. According to 2016 CES Innovation Award, this is the first LASER projector which you will not adjust focus. It will stay focused all the time. You can enjoy sharp vivid color images whenever and wherever you want. Worry about getting injured? Do not worry about it. UO Smart Beam Laser is registered in FDA by using non-hazard class I laser technology. Laser Diode life is 10,000 hours and Brightness of 60 lumens with 720p. Aspected ratio is 16:9 with projection distace from 2 ft to 10ft. Size of laser projector is only 2 in x 2 in x 2 in and weight is less than 1 lb. You will not have to carry an extra bag or luggage as long as there’s small space to fit in. UO Smart Beam Laser equips built-in battery and speaker. It will run up to 2 hours when it is fully charged. Want to watch more? Use extra power such as regular power at home or battery pack for smartphones. Have you ever watched any contents on a ceiling? UO Smart Beam Laser is designed as a cube. Without a tripod, you can watch anything on a ceiling. For Android, It is compatible for wireless connection. If you smartphone or tablet equips Screen Mirroring, All Share Cast, or WIDI, you can enjoy via Miracast mode. 1 year FREE warrnaty from the purchased date. UO Smart Beam Laser can show more than you can think of projectors.

List Price: $ 435.00

Price: $ 379.99

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