The Rescue Doctor’s Baby Miracle

The Rescue Doctor’s Baby Miracle

The Rescue Doctor's Baby Miracle

A new life—a new hope…

When Dr. Gideon Merrill finds out Dr. Lorna Preston is coming to film his search-and-rescue operation in a storm-devastated Brazilian village, everything he’s tried to forget comes flooding back. Their passionate affair, their failed marriage—the baby they lost. Forced to work with her, he’s soon struck by how different—how incredible—Lorna is.

But a night of passion changes everything, and as they work miracles to save countless lives Gideon knows he and Lorna might just have made a tiny miracle of their own. Could a precious new life herald the start of an amazing new future—together?

List Price: EUR 2,88

Price: EUR 2,88

The Cinema of Hockey: Four Decades of the Game on Screen

The Cinema of Hockey: Four Decades of the Game on Screen

Ice hockey has featured in North American films since the early days. Hockey’s sizable cinematic repertoire explores different views of the sport, including the role of aggression, the business of sports, race and gender, and the role of women in the game. This critical study focuses on hockey themes in more than 50 films and television movies from the U.S. and Canada spanning several decades. Depictions of historical games are discussed, including the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” and the 1972 Summit Series. National myths that inform ideas of the hockey player are examined. Production techniques that enhance hockey as on-screen spectacle are covered.

List Price: EUR 15,53

Price: EUR 15,53

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