Sony Ericsson K800i Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, 3G, Media Player, M2 Memory Slot–International Version with Warranty (Velvet Black)

Sony Ericsson K800i Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, 3G, Media Player, M2 Memory Slot–International Version with Warranty (Velvet Black)

Sony Ericsson K800i Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, 3G, Media Player, M2 Memory Slot--International Version with Warranty (Velvet Black)

  • This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
  • Unlocked tri-band GSM cell phone compatible with 900/1800/1900 frequencies and International 3G compatibility via 2100 UMTS plus EDGE capabilities
  • 3.2-megapixel Cyber-shot camera and xenon flash protected by a sliding cover; Memory Stick Micro expansion
  • Bluetooth stereo music streaming; digital audio player; FM radio; personal email access; voice dialing capabilities
  • Up to 7 hours of digital talk time and 350 hours of standby time
  • This cell phone may not include a US warranty as some manufacturers do not honor warranties for international version phones. Please contact the seller for specific warranty information.

Unlocked cell phones are “SIM Card” phones that you can use with your existing Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile or other GSM based account. Simply remove the SIM card from your existing phone and insert it into the Unlocked Phone. Unlocked phones can replace an old or lost phone you got from your provider, or give you the ability to use a new cell phone model not offered by your provider. No new contract is needed to upgrade to a new unlocked phone. Having an unlocked phone also means you can switch providers without having to purchase a new phone! Please remember, unlocked phones are only designed to work in GSM Networks, such as Cingular, AT&T and T-Mobile. Unlocked phones will not work with CDMA carriers such as Sprint, Nextel or Verizon. Please contact your provider for further questions regarding GSM compatibility. For best results with domestic Cingular / AT&T service, select a phone that uses the GSM 850 frequency. For best results with domestic T-Mobile service, select a phone that uses the GSM 1900 frequency. If you are an international traveler, purchasing an Unlocked Phone which uses GSM 900 & GSM 1800 frequencies means you can purchase Pre-Paid SIM cards overseas and avoid high overseas usage fees charged by domestic carriers. This Phone Uses: GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 Features This an unlocked cell phone with no contract 262.144 color TFT screen 240×320 pixel Music tones (MP3/AAC) Polyphonic Sounds 72 voices Memory Stick MicroTM (M2TM) support Phone memory 64MB (actual free memory may vary due to phone pre-configuration) Camera 3.2 MegaPixel Polyphonic ringtones FM radio Speakerphone Stopwatch Size: 4.1 in x 1.8 in x .9 in Weight: 4.1 ozSnap gorgeous print-ready photos wherever you roam with the Sony Ericsson K800i, which features a 3.2-megapixel Cyber-shot camera and xenon flash on the back protected by a sliding cover. It also offers support for high-speed 3G (UMTS) internet access for fast connectivity to multimedi and downloadable games and applications. Other features include an integrated digital audio player, an FM radio, secondary lens for making video calls, Memory Stick Micro expansion, email capabilities, Web browsing with RSS feed connectivity, and Bluetooth connectivity for communication headsets and streaming music.

Snap brilliant still images and video with the 3.2-megapixel Cyber-shot camera, which is protected by a sliding cover.

This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider and it provides tri-band connectivity (900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider. This phone comes with a one-year warranty from a third party provider.

The K800i is a 3G data-enabled device, compatible with third-generation mobile networks that offer broadband-like transfer speeds–up to 384 kbps–providing quick and easy access to audio and video streaming, Web surfing, multimedia messaging, and email wherever you go. This phone includes a secondary camera lens on the front that lets you use the K800i as a video phone. During a video call (placed to a compatible phone on a compatible network), you can see a live video stream of the person you’re talking to and they can see you.

The back of the phone includes the autofocus 3.2-megapixel camera, which is protected by a lens cover and features a xenon flash. Camera features include choices of four resolutions–from 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) to 2048 x 1536 pixels (3MP)–panorama mode, red-eye reduction, spot metering, a macro setting, and image stabilization. The camcorder function enables you to capture 176 x 144-pixel resolution video clips (QCIF) in MPEG4 format. An included application called Video DJ allows you to edit video footage right on your phone.

The K800i shines as a music player, offering a great way to listen and organize your digital tunes on the go. The in-phone media player supports video and audio playback–supported audio formats include MP3 and AAC. There’s even an application, Music DJ, that allows you to compose your own musical ringtones. Mega Bass sound enhancement makes your low notes really thump.

This phone provides Bluetooth version 2.0 wireless connectivity, and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and printing. You can connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking (DUN)–surf the Internet, send email, and access files from a server. And with the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. In addition to USB and Bluetooth connectivity, this phone also has an infrared receiver for data synchronization.

If you’re looking for a mobile office partner, the K800i has you covered. Support is built in for sending and receiving pictures, text, graphics, sound and video via SMS or MMS messages. When used in combination with the phone’s built-in still and video camera, MMS opens up a whole new world of messaging possibilities. Instant messaging is also supported and the phone ships with a built-in email client with support for POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols. The included Access NetFront Web Browser allows you to surf full HTML web sites. The K800i also supports RSS feeds, allowing you to use your phone to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected Web sites and blogs. Just subscribe to the feed and let it come to you.

The K800i can store up to 1000 contacts (each including 20 fields of data) and display 30 received, dialed and missed calls. The phone’s voice activated dialing makes calling your favorite contacts as easy as saying their names, while the built-in speakerphone makes it easy to talk without having the phone to your ear. Polyphonic ringtones are included and there’s even a bundled application that lets you mix your own ringtones. Picture caller ID lets you assign a photo to specific callers. Similarly, a ringer ID lets you assign ringtones to callers. For those times you want to keep things discreet, there’s a vibrate ringer mode.

A number of handy software tools are bundled with the K800i, including a voice memo recorder, a calculator, a calendar and an alarm clock. The phone also supports the SyncML PC synchronization standard. This means the phone can be used with Sony Ericsson Sync Station software, which lets you synchronize your Microsoft Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and tasks with your K800i. The phone also supports a USB mass storage mode, allowing you to store and transport important files like documents, images, and music files.

Vital Statistics
The K800i measures 4.1 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and weighs 4.1 ounces. It runs on the 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and 2100 MHz UMTS frequencies. Battery life is rated at 7 hours of digital talk time and 350 hours of standby time. This phone comes with a one-year warranty from a third party provider.

List Price: $ 349.99

Price: $ 199.00

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