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Rubi is an ambitious young woman, who all her life wanted to become rich. She studies in a private university, where she meets sweet and rich Maribel, and becomes her friend. Rubi is the only friend of Maribel, who doesn’t know that she wants to be her friend only because of her money. When Hector, a young and handsome architect with whom Maribel had been chatting on the Internet arrives at Mexico, Rubi meets his friend, Alejandro. Alejandro and Rubi immediately fall in love. Hector proposes to Maribel and she accepts. When Rubi finds out that Alejandro isn’t rich as she thought, she decides to break up with him and do everything in order to marry rich Hector, and finally get the life she always dreamed of.

List Price: $ 19.98

Price: $ 7.88

RUBI TOOLS TR-700-S Tile Cutter

RUBI TOOLS TR-700-S Tile Cutter

The TR-700-S is the ideal machine to cut porcelain tiles. Features 1300 lbs of breaking power and swivel square. This model will do a 28 In. straight cut & 20 In. diagonal cut. Multi point breaker for a perfect point to point diagonal cut. Highly resistant aluminum base. 1/4 In. (6 mm) and 13/32 In. (10 mm) scoring wheels and transport case included. Base supplement for large formats. 5 years warranty.

List Price: $ 617.40

Price: $ 375.00

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