Recipes: Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico

Recipes: Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico

Recipes: Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico

After a trip to Puerto Rico, it’s not just the beautiful beaches and vibrant cities that one recalls. The taste of delicious Puerto Rican cuisine also lives on in one’s fond memories of the island paradise, and it’s often desserts that visitors to Puerto Rico long for most when they return home after their getaways. “Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico” brings recipes for classic favorites from the island to kitchens all over the world, finally making it possible for anyone to prepare authentic Puerto Rican sweet treats the traditional way.

Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico” includes more than 15 recipes from the kitchen of Iris Cruz whose family has been preparing these traditional delights for generations. The recipe book includes recipes for more than five cakes, including mango cheesecake, piña colada cake and three milks cake. Four recipes for variations on classic Puerto Rican flan are included in the cookbook as well as recipes for numerous other favorites like coconut kisses, Puerto Rican nougat and Puerto Rican style shortbread cookies.

Each recipe featured in “Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico” is broken down into simple-to-follow steps so that even those without much cooking and baking experience can execute them with ease. Photographs accompany many of the recipes, and each section includes a brief introduction that describes how the desserts play an important role in Puerto Rican cuisine.

Experience the deliciousness of Puerto Rican desserts for the first time or savor favorites that you’ve been longing for. Purchase and download your copy of “Delicious Desserts from Puerto Rico” now!


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