Ninco Sport HD – Drone cuadricoptero

Ninco Sport HD – Drone cuadricoptero

Ninco Sport HD - Drone cuadricoptero

  • Diámetro externo: 280 mm
  • Canales RC: 4ch
  • Tipo de transmisor: 2,4Ghz
  • Batería: Li-Po 3,7 Volts — 300 mAh
  • Cámara: Sí (HD)

The Quadrone SPORT HD combines the most aggressive design with the best performance. The NH90089 version is the version with HD camera for those who want to make amazing photos and videos with an HD resolution 1280×720 and 30fps.
With a unique body design, the Quadrone SPORT becomes a great choice for pilots who want to start flying drones and seek for a durable and easy to fly drone.
The precision of the 6-axis electronic stabilizer is only comparable to that of a professional drone. Forget about starting your flight on flat surface. Once its synchronized, you will be able to throw it like a frisbee and push the throttle to start flying.
The electronics of the Quadrone SPORT allow the best 3D stunts.You can do acrobatic figures: loops, flips and rolls in the four directions of flight.
To the 4 channels of the Quadrone SPORT, we must add the HEADLESS mode, which makes it easier for everyone to fly.
Besides, the Quadrone SPORT includes the “automatic return mode”. With this button, your Quadrone will undo your previous movements and flight back to where you started your flight.
The radio control transmitter is 2.4GHz digital technology that enables interference-free flight. Fly up to 80 drones simultaneously in the same space with no interference. The range (distance between transmitter and drone) is up to 80 m.
Make photos and videos in HD
Micro SD 2GB with USB adapter
Video resolution 1280×720 30fps
Picture resolution 1280×720
Intelligent orientation control (Headless Mode)
Equip flight lights
Automatic return mode
4-channel 2.4GHz technology
6 axes (electronic stabilizer)
More than 80 meters range
Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
Propellers and rotors protected
Allows loops 360º
Li-Po battery 7.4V 850mAh
Includes charger and spare propellers

List Price: EUR 86,64

Price: EUR 71,96

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