Mopping Robot, Euleven 3075 Floor Mopping, Robotic Cleaner

Mopping Robot, Euleven 3075 Floor Mopping, Robotic Cleaner

Mopping Robot, Euleven 3075 Floor Mopping, Robotic Cleaner

  • Function :Dry & Wet cleaning for both marble floor,wooden floor and carpet
  • Long lifespan of the rechargeable Li-Battery makes the outstanding quality of the cleaner
  • Tiny design could get rid of the dust/hair hide deep in corner which other cleaner could not reach
  • Choose different clothes – dry sweeping clothes or wet mopping clothes which can cleaning clothes to pick up daily dirt, dust and hair
  • Rechargable battery can work a long time,clean your floors for you without disrupting your daily activity or sleep

Simplified lovely design for easy home use/office use.
Fluffy cloth is perfect for cleaning the marble floor, wooden floor;while the wet cloth is capable of cleaning the carpet.
The long lifespan of the rechargeable Li-Battery makes the good quality of the robot cleaner.
With low noise level brings a suitable feeling to you while working..

Product size:8.5*8.5*2.5 inches
Item weight :0.89lbs(cleaner)
Total product weight :1.7lbs(a full set )
Working Mode:On/Off
Battery Type:Rechargeable Li-Battery 3.7V
Adaptor Info.:100-240V AC 50/60Hz Output: 6V DC 0.5A UL version
Charging time: 2~4 hours
Working time: regular time 25 minutes, it can work for 2 cycles if fully charged

1.This simplified robot cleaner is great/ easy for home/office use, just press the button, it will clean the floor automatically and it will stop working if you press it again.It could work for 2 cycles, each time 25mins.
2.The LED indicator shows light blue under working mode,while being charged, the indicator also shows light blue & flashing at the same time,it would stop flashing as soon as charging is finished ; if any obstacles around were detected ,the robot cleaner would stop working –this is the safety protection function–in order to avoid the overheating of the motor cause the damage of the robot cleaner, just move the obstacles away and re-start the cleaner is OK.
3.Fully charged before first time use.
4.The cleaner needs being re-charged again for about 8 hours before use if it hasn’t been working for a long period.

(What’s in the box?)
Accessories:1pc UL adaptor,1pc fluffy cloth for dry mopping,1pc wet cloth for wet mopping, 1pc instruction manual

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 49.99

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