Millennium Hip-Hop Party Reviews

Millennium Hip-Hop Party

Millennium Hip-Hop Party

The hip-hop entry in Rhino’s Millennium Party compilation series doesn’t so much capture the sound of the year 2000 as it does that of 1989. In the wake of “Walk This Way,” Top 40 radio realized that its listeners would accept the Fresh Prince’s tales of teen mock-woe, Tone Loc’s Coasters-derived rockers, and Young MC’s, er, tales of teen mock-woe. Up to and including Snoop’s “What’s My Name?” (the CD’s newest cut, from ’93), this excellent PG-rated set makes nearly flawless choices. Biggest exception: “Tennessee” by Arrested Development, whose leader Speech’s nonstop self-righteous mumbling will drive everyone into the next room. –Rickey Wright

List Price: $ 18.98

Price: $ 28.99

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