Meat Recipes (Antiquarian Recipe Collection Book 5) (English Edition) Reviews

Meat Recipes (Antiquarian Recipe Collection Book 5) (English Edition)

Meat Recipes (Antiquarian Recipe Collection Book 5) (English Edition)

Heirloom recipes are the treasures of the kitchen. The recipes collected here are original and unedited, just as they were used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Original spellings and measurements are left unaltered.
The vintage recipes collected here are most often created from non-commercial ingredients, using traditional cooking and baking techniques. These recipes represent our culinary inheritance, the living part of the genealogical tree based on traditional cooking passed on through generations.
Adjust as you see fit to adopt these recipes to modern ingredients and equipment and the particular tastes of yourself and your family. By doing this, each recipe in the book becomes a thousand different recipes to be carried through to new generations
Heirloom Recipes are those handed down from generation to generation. The cooking techniques and ingredients may change as the years go by, but the character and flavor of the original always comes through.
The contents and recipes are hyperlinked for easy access and navigation. Over 100 recipes included.

List Price: EUR 1,04

Price: EUR 1,04

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