Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03VE Chassis – Limited 50th Anniversary Edition RC Car

Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03VE Chassis – Limited 50th Anniversary Edition RC Car

Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03VE Chassis - Limited 50th Anniversary Edition RC Car

  • Assembled high-performance chassis that includes many parts that would normally be optional
  • Powered by a Team Orion Xspeed brushless motor that provides exceptional power and speed compared to the stock motor
  • Limited Edition 50th Anniversary model with unique red anodized aluminum parts, ball differential and gyro
  • Comes with additional chassis parts to modify the track and wheelbase settings to fit a wider range of bodies
  • Only the assembled chassis is included; Kyosho AutoScale body, batteries and radio transmitter are still required

The MR-03VE is a rolling chassis that’s built for the experienced racer or performance enthusiast. It takes the best features of the newest and most advanced chassis design, and marries it with the most powerful brushless motor, on-board electrics and chassis parts to combine for a race ready micro RC car. The MR-03 chassis is preferred by racers for its sophisticated suspension and the number of adjustments available to get this machine fine-tuned to the track conditions. The chassis is pre-assembled in the wide track, mid-motor configuration, which is the most popular amongst racers. But, the extra parts to convert it to rear motor (RM) and/or narrow track, are included in the package. A ball differential with red anodized parts (only available on this Limited 50th Anniversary Edition), a full set of precision ball bearings, a gyro, and the ultra-powerful Team Orion XSpeed Brushless motor are included. This is recommended for experienced drivers only, and it will require A Kyosho Autoscale body, a compatible radio transmitter, and four AAA batteries (not include whatever batteries are needed to power the optional transmitter). It’s recommended to use four rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries to power the chassis, as they will provide much better performance than AAA alkaline batteries.

List Price: $ 359.99

Price: $ 301.70

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