Kkika Ultrasonic Rf Photon Lose Weight Machine Body Slimming Device 3 in 1

Kkika Ultrasonic Rf Photon Lose Weight Machine Body Slimming Device 3 in 1

Kkika Ultrasonic Rf Photon Lose Weight Machine Body Slimming Device 3 in 1

  • Note: The device three functions can be used seperately, also can be used in any combination, such as RF+LED, RF+Cavitation, Cavitation+LED, LED+Cavitation+RF.Applicable parts: arms, belly, thighs, back, waist, hips, calves, etc..Inapplicable parts:face, neck, clavicle, elbow, wrist, thigh joints, knees, ankle, afterbrain, cervical vertebra,etc..
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  • Cavitation Function—–The physical vibrations up to 1 million per second will make each part under the effect vibrate accordingly,providing unique cell massage,enhancing the cellular metallic function, increasing the vitality of cells, promoting the blood circulation,improving the nutrition of skin tissue and keep the skin rosy and elastic.The ultrasonic wave plays a role in smashing fat mass and lymph and dispelling toxins, the thermal effect of ultrasonic wave can cause the change of vascular function and metabolic process in a bid to boost the blood circulation, reduce the cell’s excitement and impose an analgetic effect; the ultrasonic wave has an effect of enhancing catalysis and accelerating metabolism,which can make PH value change towards the alkaline direction, facilitate the drug penetration and improve the drug’s bactericidal capacity.
  • RF Radio Frequency—–The metal contacting conductive tip can send out radio frequency of 6 million vibration per second.The thermal energy generated from 500khz high frequency pulse will shrink collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin,improving wrinkles and reducing weight through continuous regeneration and recombination as the time goes by.Besides, the device is provided with four levels of RF function ranging from strong to weak, which allows users to adjust the level in line with their own feelings.
  • LED Function—–Red light with 625nm wave lenght features high purity,strong light source and uniform energy density,which has a significant effect iin skin care and health treatment.Red light can enhance the vitality of cells, promote cells’ metabolism, make the skin release a huge amount of collagen and fibrous tissue for self-filling.With wide applicability to various kinds of skin,red light can promote blood circulation and revive the collagen so as to keep your skin more smooth,improve the skin dryness and trace and alleviate hair loss,follicle damage and alopecia.

Main function

1. Tighten Skin and fat removal

2. Anti-aging and scar removal

3. Detox and dissipate fatigue

4. Nutrition lead in, improve sleep and relax


Name: RF radio frequency defatting slimming apparatus

Input voltage: 100-240V

Output voltage: DC 12V 400mA

Power: 20W

Charging duration: 6 hours gross

Net weight: 308 g

Net dimension: 114*90*106 mm


1. Three functions as RF,Cavitation and LED can be used separately and in combination RF+LED; RF+CAVITATION;CAVITATION+LED;LED+CAVITATION+RF

2. The device is applicable for the following parts: front of arm, belly,front part of leg,inside of leg, back, waist, hip,inside of calf and soon

3. The device is not applicable for the following parts:face,neck,clavicular part, elbow,wrist, leg inside joint, knee, ankle,hindbrain,cervical vertebra and foot etc.

4. Remark on operating duration and times.

a. The device operated on each part is equivalent to size of horizontal A4 paper.Operating duration in up,down, left and right directions is 10 minutes.

b. The operation on each part is 10 minutes, three parts to be operated each day, totaling 30 minutes, each part shall be operated for twice per week, one operation every three days.

c The operation of this device needs to be watched with special slimming essential oil or defatting gel for achieving an optimal effectd After defatting,it is required to clean up and apply with body lotion after 30 minutes.

5. It is better to use the device after taking a bath.

6. The device shall be kept upright on front side, insert the device as shown in the photo with five fingers grasped firmly.

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Price: $ 114.00

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