James Marsters as Vampire Spike BTVS

James Marsters as Vampire Spike BTVS

James Marsters as Vampire Spike BTVS

  • Limited Edition of 6,000.
  • Accessories Include: Features over 30 points of articulation, Sawed-off Shotgun from episode “Fool For Love,” Shotgun shell, Broken skull, Amulet from episode “Chosen,” 12″ figure base with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” logo
  • Artist(s): Oluf W. Hartvigson
  • Highly Detailed Action Figure

Spike: I’m a vampire. I *know* something about evil. Spike’s vampire nature was first displayed in all its glory in the episode “School Hard,” but it was his handsome human face that was the more surprising side to this villain. As the seasons progressed, Spike’s nefarious vampire ways were always the expected, but the slow reveal of his past from human poet to the sadistic, William the Bloody proved to be an even more compelling tale. As a vampire, he earned his nickname by impaling his victims on railroad spikes. Brash and on fire with blood lust, Spike was known for racing into fights just for the rush and sheer pleasure. Spike: “Becoming a vampire is a profound and powerful experience. I could feel this new strength coursing through me. Getting killed made me feel alive for the very first time” Spike admitted that it was only as a vampire that he truly learned how to live, and together with Angelus, Dru and Darla, they cut a swath of violence across Europe. A new phase of his vampire existence evolved due to his association with Buffy and being chipped by The Initiative. Unable to harm humans, Spike was forced to become something other than what his nature dictated and used his battle prowess to help the Scoobies fight the good fight, but his vampire face is always a reminder of the demon lurking within.

List Price: $ 40.00

Price: $ 58.99

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