I-Go Robot, LA Model Reviews

I-Go Robot, LA Model

I-Go Robot, LA Model

Maneuverability and artificial intelligence make the i-Go LA Model safe and simple for personal transportation. The sleek design points to its futuristic nature while its size is uniquely convenient. The LA Model is your companion for the inner city. The sliding handlebar allows it to be stored in most cars and its light weight makes it easy to carry onto buses and trains. The i-Go LA is the perfect solution that allows your employees or customers to cover more area in less time. What an enjoyable way to increase productivity! Specifications Weighs 33 lbs Up to 18 Mile Range Lithium-Ion Battery Takes Approximately 3 Hours to Fully Charge Maximum Incline 15 Degrees Max Speed 10 MPH Minimum Load 40 lbs Maximum Load 250 lbs BlueTooth 4.0 5 Year Warranty for the motor, 3 years for the motherboard and 1 year General Warranty. Price ,295 Features Travel Data Search – never get lost again Beginner Mode – safe enough for children to use Leg Controlling – responds to your body’s movements to control speed, steering, and stopping LED Display – keep track of battery life Anti-theft and Self Locking Auto Power Off to Save Energy USB Charging and Vehicle Charging See it in action – watch the VIDEO i-Go Operating Principles The main principle of operation is based on dynamic stabilization, which means the gyroscope and accelerometer inside the i-Go are used to detect all of your body’s movements and adjust the servo-control system that tells the motor how to maintain balance so that you can relax and concentrate on where you want to go. l The i-Go electronic gyroscope is compact and lightweight. It is highly reliable and has a long service life. The gyroscope system senses the stance and state of the i-Go rider and adjusts itself through calculations to the high speed central microprocessor for complete balance control.

List Price: $ 3,595.00

Price: $ 3,595.00

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