HP Life Cam-Worlds Smallest HD Mini Cam $50 off this week only!!!!!!!! (white)

HP Life Cam-Worlds Smallest HD Mini Cam off this week only!!!!!!!! (white)

HP Life Cam-Worlds Smallest HD Mini Cam  off this week only!!!!!!!! (white)

  • The Worlds Smallest HD Wi-Fi Mini Camera with full HD 1080p Video and 120 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens. This allows you to take MUCH higher quality pictures and videos than you could on a regular phone and the wide angle lens allows you to fit twice as much into your pictures and video.
  • The Wi-Fi feature enables you to share your favorite moments with your friends and family on social media, and it also allows you to preview your subjects and to compose your breathtaking HD 1080p footage from your smartphone or tablet.
  • High Resolution Time Lapse Recording, 8MP sensor, built-in microphone
  • The HP Magic Sticker allows you to mount the camera on a wall, your bike, your skateboard and anywhere else you can think of. Never use a selfie stick again!
  • With 3 hours of continuous 1080p recording, save your precious smartphone battery and let this awesome camera capture the events

The lc200w is a portable, lightweight, versatile and fun camera/camcorder designed for the selfie generation. It is the new and MUCH improved version of the discontinued lc100w. Why risk your smartphone to damage when you can easily mount it almost anywhere using the strong magnetic back and Magic Sticker. Capture and share daily lifestyles and events. Specially designed for low intensity activity and general conditions, such as jogging, cycling…etc. With 4K resolution, the lc200w can process photos into a time lapse recording. And of course, the lc200w can record video in Full-HD 1080p resolution. The Wi-Fi capability allows live previewing and instantly sharing to your social media sites. HP Magic Sticker Wi-Fi Capability Free HP Pixi Cam app to control, view and transfer content 4K Time Lapse Recording Long lasting Battery Life 120 degree Wide Angle lens Neck Strap Micro USB Cable

List Price: $ 199.95

Price: $ 199.95

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