Home and Deranged

Home and Deranged

Home and Deranged

Based in Austin, Texas, the Lizards have delighted audiences from California to Canada to the United Kingdom with their original style of satirical folk, country and bluegrass. Trademarks of a Lizards song are highly literate, sharply pointed lyrics that poke fun at politics, love, religion and the culture in general. Combined with precise four-part vocal harmonies and instrumental mastery, the band’s songs are melodically infectious and inventive.

The Austin Lounge Lizards are five-time award winners at the prestigious Austin Music Awards. Their version of Irving Berlin’s ”C-U-B-A” was used in the Michael Moore film Sicko. The band has been featured on NPR’s ”Morning Edition” and on the radio programs ”Mountain Stage” and ”E-Town.”

”Home and Deranged” is the Lizards’ first album since 2006 and it’s their third on the Houston-based Blue Corn Music label.

List Price: $ 8.00

Price: $ 8.00

Keep Calm & Ultra Lounge

Keep Calm & Ultra Lounge


Lounge is an ambient and elegant sound, which manages to paint a place with luxury time and again; a place to discover unforgettable moments. To select the material for a particular situation is no easy task, and the Keep Calm collection has managed just that

List Price: $ 7.51

Price: $ 7.51

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