Dimension by Creo House

youtu.be/MTTKOXaZRr4 CURATOR: ccCommunity GENRE: House LENGTH:00:03:12 WEB SITE:ift.tt/2ogvHdg LOCATION:Vienna, Austria ACTIVE:2009 – 2017 Slow paced electro house with saxophone lead riffs, heavy bass and addictive beat. TAGGED AS: ELECTROHOUSE, CHIPTUNE, ELECTRONIC, CREO Creo is an electronic music producer from Austria. His music combines energetic and melodic synth orchestrations with catchy melodies, driving basslines and heavy hitting beats. ++++++++++ Download The Best Mods for Games *1 Download Mods : bit.ly/2mfYcpw *2 Download Mods & Software : bit.ly/2myrCjy Best Network wins more money with your youtube channel CPM of $ 3 to $ 30, and in my channel I’ve seen higher of $ 30 per 1000 views 🙂 and pays 70% more than other networks Las mejores Network Gana Mas dinero con tu canal de youtube CPM de $ 3 a $ 30, y en mi canal lo he visto mas alto de $ 30 por cada 1000 vistas 🙂 y paga 70% mas que en otras networks 1st) Zoomin TV 70%: Of the five networks Zoomin TV is the best CPM Very high 1º) Zoomin TV 70%: De las cinco networks Zoomin TV es la mejor CPM Muy altos bit.ly/2ntYR7S 2st) Scalelab 70%: I readily accept 2ª) Scalelab : Te aceptan con facilidad bit.ly/2nYhQ6V 3nd) GT Channel 70%: You accept easily 3ª) GT Channel : Te aceptan con facilidad bit.ly/2n7L6KK 4rd) Freedom 60%: You accept easily 4ª) Freedom : Te aceptan con facilidad bit.ly/2n2n3vn 5th) Recstudios 70%: You have to have 200 daily views on your channel for you to accept 5ª) Recstudios : Tienes que tener 200 vistas diarias en tu canal para que te acepten bit.ly/2nED3qB +++++++++++ Si Quieres ver Documentales If You Want to see Documentaries bit.ly/2nEFut5 +++++++++++ Haz Los Mejores Regalos Para Ti o para un Buen Amigo Make The Best Gifts For You or a Good Friend bit.ly/2nykUcM +++++++++++ NewsTecnologiaNews: goo.gl/SQ9bsL TheMunSession Download Software MODs: goo.gl/CVkyFD TheMunSession: goo.gl/CW9uAn Technology-Mun: goo.gl/3zOty5 Facebook: goo.gl/6XxCmW twitter.com/_TheMunSession_ twitter.com/TheMunSession_ twitter.com/TrainISimulator twitter.com/FlightsSmulator twitter.com/IIIILEGOIIII twitter.com/GranITurismo
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