Cinco Jotas (5J) Spanish Acorn-fed Iberian Bellota Ham Kit Reviews

Cinco Jotas (5J) Spanish Acorn-fed Iberian Bellota Ham Kit

Cinco Jotas (5J) Spanish Acorn-fed Iberian Bellota Ham Kit

  • Kit includes everything you need to enjoy the best ham in the world
  • A 10-11 lb. Cinco Jotas (5J) iberian bellota shoulder ham (acorn-fed)
  • A traditional Spanish wooden ham holder and Ham knife
  • Orders before 12 noon EST ship same day, otherwise the following day

We’re offering the complete: a 10-11 lb. purebred Cinco Jotas shoulder ham that has been cured for over two years, a wooden ham holder and a ham knife. Cinco Jotas (5J) is the unquestioned standard-bearer of Spanish gastronomy. Known unabashedly as “the finest hams in the world”, these limited-production hams are so sought after that distributors must reserve and pay for them 2-3 years in advance. Sánchez Romero Carvajal has been producing Cinco Jotas Iberian Acorn Ham in Jabugo for over a hundred years, since 1879. One of the company’s goals (some would say obsessions) has been to preserve the purity of the species- Cinco Jotas pigs are 100% pure Iberian, descended directly from the prehistoric Mediterranean boar. Almost all other ham producers use cross-bred pigs of strains of up to 15 per cent English, as English pigs weigh more and produce more offspring. The incomparable taste and quality of this Pure Iberian ham is largely due to this attention to genetic selection, which undergoes strict quality control to guarantee and safeguard the purity of this inimitable breed worldwide. Cinco Jotas ham can be tasted in fine restaurants called Mesones 5J, which can be found in the most important Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Jabugo, and at Harrod’s in London (bring lots of money).

List Price: $ 749.99

Price: $ 449.00

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