Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 – Nintendo DS

Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 – Nintendo DS

Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 - Nintendo DS

  • Over 6,000 unique questions
  • Brain Mode allows kids to jump right in, immersing themselves in fast-paced quiz games, as they answer questions on their favorite subjects – English, history, math, science, and geography
  • Quest Mode takes kids through a light, fun story world where they will play quiz games to solve problems
  • Kids of all ages can get in on the action and enjoy the brain-twisting fun with Hot Swap Multiplayer quiz games featuring both versus and cooperative games
  • The game also features Sudoku specially tailored to kids of all ages, with 4×4, 6×6 and 9×9 puzzles

Staying true to the curriculum-based card deck series, Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4 is loaded with over 6,000 unique questions, developed specifically for third/fourth grade levels and can keep kids entertained whether in the car, at home, or while waiting for the school bus.

Kids can win achievements to unlock collectibles and redeem points to obtain them. These collectibles are then used to customize up to six cool scenes

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 58.77

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