Air Conflict Pacific Carrier – PC Reviews

Air Conflict Pacific Carrier – PC

Air Conflict Pacific Carrier - PC

  • Dynamic WWII flight simulation with complex ship models, advanced particle systems and improved terrain details
  • Choose your side – US Army or Imperial Japanese Navy – and play 2 campaigns for each
  • Campaigns feature 5 battles with multiple missions and assignments
  • Innovative multiplayer modes, true-to-life weaponry and huge collection of war machinery including 3 aircraft carriers, 22 battleships and 13 airplanes
  • Exciting arcade gameplay with assignments such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Sink the Carrier, Watchtower and Patrol

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a unique flight simulation with strategy elements and a compelling storyline. As Lucas Stark, Admiral in the US Navy in charge of the USS Enterprise (CV 6), you control aircraft missions that take place over the Pacific Ocean during WWII. On the other hand, should you choose the side of the Japanese, you will embody Hideaki Hashimoto and take charge of the carrier known as Zuikaku, representing the Imperial Japanese Navy in a fight till the death. Featuring innovative multiplayer modes, true to life weaponry and huge collection of war machinery, this is no ordinary flight simulation.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 6.99

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